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Cheddite Italy srl is committed to respecting legislation, protecting customer satisfaction, preventing pollution and accidents and continuously improving performance.

This commitment is put into practice through Prevention, which includes the identification of those activities that generate significant impacts on the environment in order to reduce or eliminate the pollution deriving from them; activities that could constitute hazards for Cheddite Italy srl workers in order to reduce the likelihood of injury and/or accidents; and activities that generate significant impact on the quality of the product in order to comply with the requirements of the product itself and to reduce customer dissatisfaction resulting from these activities.
Compliance with laws, a constant process of control of company activities in order to respect the environment, especially in terms of waste management and waste of natural resources, and focus on both plant maintenance and staff training for quality and safety, all constitute not only the daily commitment of Cheddite Italy srl, but also the tool for retaining leadership as one of the most responsible companies in the industry.


The company policy

This Policy represents the commitment of CHEDDITE ITALY srl towards the environment, the quality and safety of its workers and of all the people who work within it.

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