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Cheddite today

The Cheddite brand and technology

Thanks to years of experience, Cheddite has reinforced more and more the awareness that  customer satisfaction can only be gained by offering cartridges that are reliable from a ballistic point of view and that guarantee shooting emotion in a constant manner over time.
For this reason, the company is committed to continuous technological improvement through a qualitative implementation of the individual components (primers, cartridge cases, powders and wads), which in turn is manifested in the loading process and subsequently in the ballistic output.

With this spirit of perfectionism, the various plants in Italy and France independently design and produce every single component in the creation of a cartridge. 

Clerinox PRIMERS are produced through a complex process that combines the explosive mixture, the heart of the primer, with all the metallic parts that contain it;

Cheddite CASES are made in a long industrial process that begins with the melting of the polyethylene in grains, transformation into a tube of the desired diameter and thickness, the moulding of the metal part and then the assembly of tube, primer, bottom and base wad;

Cheddite POWDER is produced by mixing powders obtained from the delicate transformation process of chemical reagents;

The WADS and BASE WADS are made by melting polyethylene in grains and subsequent hot pressing.  Finally, in the Livorno plant, cartridges are loaded by means of the assembly of each of the components: primed case, powder, wad and lead.

Each individual production batch of finished products and components, whether they are a Cheddite cartridge or sold to other loaders, are subjected to strict quality controls to guarantee maximum efficiency.