Via della Valle Benedetta, 101 57124 Livorno
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The Livorno works

The Livorno works

The Cheddite factory in Livorno, surrounded by the beautiful Tuscan countryside, covers a total area of 50 hectares and focuses on the production of two important components, wads and base wads, and on the loading of shooting and hunting cartridges of every type and size: 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36 and 410.

Cartridge loading department

The Cheddite loading department is by far the safest and most controlled, together with the explosives and powder stores, of the Livorno plant. Each operator is responsible for a production line and, in addition to checking the correct functioning of the machines, collects samples necessary for checks on the test bench.A computerised station records all the data from the various production lines, both hourly production averages and any machinery malfunctioning.Technical support and human resources constantly guarantee the highest quality of the product, the same quality that consumers can appreciate whenever they handle a Cheddite cartridge.

The test bench

The test bench, approved by the National Proof House, tests hundreds of cartridges every day and is equipped with the most sophisticated instruments for the detection of ballistic parameters and manometer rods in all smooth-core gauges (12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32 and 36/.410).
At predefined intervals, loading department samples are taken from each production line to be tested on the bench to verify ballistic performance. Each batch of cartridges intended for sale is tested on the test bench in order to maximise ballistic performance. These tests are conducted, thanks to the climatic cell in the Livorno factory, both in standard conditions of temperature and humidity (temperature of 20°C and humidity 60% for 72 hours) in accordance with the C.I.P regulations, and in conditions of extreme temperature and humidity (very low and/or very high temperature and humidity) to ascertain constancy under variations in environmental situations.