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Hunting Shotshells

Cheddite offers a wide range of hunting cartridges where even the most demanding hunter can find the right one for his type of hunting: migratory or sedentary game, small or big, in any weather condition, with shotguns of size 12, 16, 20 , 24, 28,32 and 410. Special loading cartridges such as the Super Freeshots, the 60 meters, the 100 meters, the Maremmana Ball, the 20 Special, the Elite Paper, the Super Caliber 28 make of Cheddite a manufacturer of ammunition for smooth-bore rifle able to satisfy the needs of the most enterprising hunters.



Skylark Drago gauge 8
Duck Freeshot gauge 12
Woodcock Spreader gauge 16
Snipe CH6 gauge 20
Fieldfare Elite gauge 24
Wildboar Magnum gauge 28
Wood pigeon Slug gauge 32
Pheasant and Grey Partridge Buckshot gauge 410
Hare Long Range
Goose Steel Hunting
Quail Small Gauges
Thrush and blackbird Silenced
Turtledove GM3. SIPE. S4
Eco Shot