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Tag: Woodcock


Cartridge specially designed for hunting woodcock and quail. Thanks to the special Wad “Dispersing” allows a very wide pattern from short distances. Also used on small bird game where visibility is not optimal.

CH6 CAL12 34g

Cartridge loaded with the new powder CH6 created to ensure a special resistance to changes in climate. The 34 g loading ideal for small and medium sized prey such as trush, dove, wood pigeon, woodcock and snipe.


Cartridge loaded combining the ancient tradition of a felt wad, with the modern technology of the plastic case, is ideal to have uniform pattern in short and medium distance. In the wood and when the dog points at upland game birds ensures excellent reliability.


The particular load (28gr) and the large lead range, for all kind of hunting from wood pigeon to trush, from pheasant to woodcock make it by far the cal.28 most used cartridge.

CAL28 24g

Cartridge loaded in 24 grams, with bior wad for small and medium size migratory game, ideal for both hunting-blind and rambling hunt.

410 MAGNUM silenced

Cartridge ideal for migratory game like trush, dove especially in hunting blind.


Given the wide range of lead shot sizes, cartridge ideal for any type of bird game from sedentary to migratory in all weather conditions.


Very special cartridge with constant performance, provides a compact and uniform pattern to medium and long distances, thanks to a special wad, full container of plastic and cork bottom. Ideal for high quality bird game.